Tinaroo Studio

The Tinaroo Studio is a carefully considered house in which to experience quiet and seclusion. It is located in a rural setting with direct access to Lake Tinaroo and set within a stand of trees to encourage a sense of tranquility.

During the day, the stone and dark glass presents a solid and sheltered face to visitors. As dusk approaches, the solidity of the building dissolves as the transparency of the glazing becomes increasingly evident externally. The design of the studio seeks to address the water and surrounding vegetation through a combination of framed views and transparency between internal and external living spaces. The external fire place provides a physical and congregational focal point, extending the living space beyond the studio.

The large roofs float gently over the masonry blade walls, lightening the perception of the building while allowing light and air to penetrate at high level. Sunshades aid in protecting the studio from the heat of the day, sheltering openings which provide the internal spaces access to breezes. The selection of finishes were chosen to reflect the surrounding landscape and low maintenance materials used throughout the studio to reduce the requirement of periodically re-finishing surfaces.