Architecture, Urban Design

Blue Lagoon

Located at Trinity Beach, Blue Lagoon is a resort style community consisting of a residential estate, accommodation units, villas, and retail and restaurant space.

The community, together with its associated ancillary facilities including Environmental Park, BBQ structures, lap pool and tennis court, is developed around a large lagoon modelled to optimize the land use.

Stage 1 was conceived as five separate pavilion buildings varying in height from two to four storey radiating around a central pool and residential lots with individual detached houses around the lagoon.

The next stage, Sails at Trinity forms the entry feature to the Blue Lagoon Resort complex. Comprising three elements, the buildings which house the 24 dual key apartments, restaurant facility and suite of boutique retail tenancies are set in a fan-like array along the main access road into Trinity Beach.

Each building has mono-slope roofs carefully designed to evoke nautical imagery, focusing and guiding the visitor into the Blue Lagoon Resort complex, gated residential community and central lagoon beyond. The restaurant and retail buildings provide alfresco dining spaces overlooking the lagoon and main road, encouraging patrons to fully experience the beach culture ambiance.

The last stage was originally conceived as a suite of luxury duplex apartments on a narrow strip overlooking the lagoon, but due to changing market needs over the 10 year development period, these are now being developed as residential house sites under a covenant approval system.