Architecture, Interiors

Tradewinds Cairns (Riley Crystalbrook Resort)

The proposed Tradewinds hotel is designed to be an iconic luxury experience with a distinct reef/ocean theme, starting when you enter the foyer all the way to your room.

The Tradewinds Hotel is located at the Northern End of the Esplanade boardwalk where the urban tourist-focussed part of the Esplanade transitions to generous Parklands along the ocean’s edge.

A new iconic tower has been designed for the Esplanade frontage to create an iconic visual statement at this pivot point of the public waterfront, forming a gateway to the Northern part of the Esplanade with the creation of a high quality urban design form. The Esplanade public realm is enhanced with the active ground level café/bar facility.

Rather than being overbearing, the slender curved form gives the public realm an identifiable icon, responding to the Reef-meets-Rainforest character of the city, enhancing the Esplanade streetscape and making a substantial contribution to the local identity.

Tradewinds puts the guests at the heart of the design process, with features embodying the brands identifying characteristics – luxurious and effortless. The visitor’s experience starts with the arrival to the hotel. Rooms play an important role but emphasis has been given to the ground plane where resort style pool which will be the focus of the hotel unifying old and new. The tropical environment can be experienced on the ground level with the resort style pool and activity spaces being the new focus of the hotel unifying the building language. A reef-inspired canopy is playfully linking all elements.

A roof top bar located on the top level of the feature tower is perceived to be the main attractor to the hotel. It will be the first and only one in Cairns with unlimited views over the ocean, inlet and mountain hinterland.