Urban Design


Land within the DOGIT township zone in Gununa on Mornington Island has been fully utilized and expansion to address chronic housing overcrowding was desperately required.

The only suitable land to facilitate the expansion is owned by the Native Title Holders (Gulf Regional Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC) as Freehold land (Aboriginal Land Act 1991).  The State of Queensland requested a lease from the Native Title holders to facilitate the expansion; however the land owners expressed a strong desire to control the design of the future settlement.

The Concept Plan (subject to a non-Disclosure Agreement) for the two hundred lot development Hi whereby the Native Title holders and Sharon Harwood (Harwood Planning and Development), established where the roads, houses, new CBD and social infrastructure would be located.  This approach to design ensures that Aboriginal world views – including culture and an intimate understanding of how settlements should be spatially arranged – are central to the design outcomes.

CA Architects assisted Harwood Planning and Development in developing the master planning concepts. The consultation process has involved initial investigations, workshops with Traditional Owners and subsequent design workshops. The outcomes underpin the design parameters and together with the Design Principles and Strategies they are now contained in the final Concept Plan. The final design concentrated on methods to create a liveable community in a remote location that enhances social wellbeing and cohesion, protects important cultural heritage sites, stimulates economic opportunity and conserves important environmental values.