Pimlico SHS Music Block

The new building at Pimlico SHS campus in Townsville will house the expanding music learning spaces which are in desperate need for renovation and expansion. Various methods of teaching and learning and their variety of spatial requirements have been taken into consideration within the design of proposed building.

The atrium is the informal heart of the building and is envisioned as a flexible area for collaboration, display, individual learning and performance space.

The GLA’s on the Northern end of the building house the more traditional teaching spaces, however these have been also able to be reconfigured into larger spaces on demand.

Student services have been combined to allow greater ease for preparation and communication between staff. This smaller hub allows for professional development at a staff level with opportunities for learning and mentoring between faculty members.

The improved facilities of the new Project/Practice spaces allow for the continuing professional development of students.

The music block will act as secondary entry into the school and hence will present itself as a point of interest and orientation.

Proposed building materials such as red brick and a colour palette to match the surroundings reference the existing built environment at Pimlico SHS. In using these colours and materials it is possible to create a contemporary building while remaining sympathetic to the adjacent buildings.