Shangri La Interiors

This Shangri-La resort is located in one of the most visited Australian cities, overlooking the sea, just a boat ride away from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

CA Architect’s Project Management / Contract Administration Role involved the refurbishment and extension of the existing Horizon Lounge with the Interior Design and Documentation undertaken by Stack Studio

The new colour palette introduced by Stack reflects the hotel’s nautical surroundings. The  amalgamation of the warm timbers and the calming tones of the oceanic backdrop is central to the successful integration of the new rooms to its environment. This is accentuated further by the small playful gestures made to the finer details of the room, capturing the vibrant, youthful atmosphere of Cairns.

Working in a live hotel proved challenging and therefore programming and liaising with hotel project managers and general manager to ensure the project went smoothly. Utilising and coordinating existing services with new design, working with high end custom finishes and administration with International Corporation.